We Are an Environmentally Conscious Childcare Centre

Sustainability and environmental consciousness inform our practices as well as the way we educate the children in our care.

Compostable Nappies

Here at Oma Rāpeti, we supply 100% fully compostable nappies from Little and Brave. The nappies are professionally composted off-site, with a full drop off/pick up service for our centre.

Our children arrive in their own nappy from home, use our compostable nappies all day and then leave again in another "home nappy". This helps manage our waste output, which is very important to our team and owners.

We also fully support parents who use cloth nappies.

You can take a look at our nappy journey, from disposable to cloth to compostable, on our blog


We limit the use of chemicals within Oma Rāpeti to the absolute necessity only. For cleaning and sanitising, we use a lot of supplies from The Eco Store, vinegar, and good old-fashioned soap and hot water! 


As much as possible, we eat from food that has been created from scratch. You can read lots more on our nutrition page. Our wonderful kitchen team cooks up a storm all week long, ensuring our children are well-fed with no preservatives or chemicals. 

We love the garden here at Oma Rāpeti and you will often find our children selecting their plants then helping the team dig, weed, plant and harvest. How cool to know where your food is coming from!

We recently had a menu review from the wonderful Food Tree team:

"...The children enjoy a truly excellent menu, each day they are offered fresh organic whole foods, with plenty of variety from all the food groups to choose from." 

Read the full menu review here.

Compost, Worm Farms, Recycling and Waste

We love to compost all our food scraps, along with feeding our resident worms. They eat a wonderfully healthy diet! 

You may be a little confused when you first come along to Oma Rāpeti with what rubbish goes where, but it soon makes sense. We seperate our recycling, soft plastics, paper, composting (food and nappies), our re-usables (such as nappies) and finally landfill. We are incredibly proud of the fact that our centre of 50 children and a team of 15 staff runs on two small (and often not full) household landfill bins a week! 


One of the most important things we can do for our precious Papatūānuku is teach our future generation how important our Earth is. We read books, sing songs, and tell stories with an environmental focus. 

Children at Oma Rāpeti are taught to respect animals, big and small. They are taught about seasonality through our eating, planting, and gardening. They learn to understand the fragile beauty of nature. 

By role modelling things like waste management, we can help the future of the planet - one household at a time. 

Oma Rāpeti

Location: 1 Pratt Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland. We are a six minute drive from Auckland City.  

Phone: 09-376 7282
Email: home@omarapeti.net.nz
To enquire, please click here


7.30am-5.30pm Monday - Friday


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