Our "Main Caregivers" Philosophy

Our practice with the children and whānau is based on relationships and the notion of respect. We believe in the value of building trusting relationships with consistent professional teachers. One way we foster this notion is through our main caregiving system. 

If you are not familiar with this system it is where each child and family have two main care teachers. This enables the teachers and family to develop a strong healthy attachment and know that one of the two teachers is consistently there for them all. The main carers will be predominantly responsible for the care needs of your child. The relationship with these main carers is not exclusive and as your child becomes more familiar with, and develops bonds with other team members they will be supported by the other teachers at times when the main carers may not be immediately available. We believe this gives children and whānau strong, secure relationships. We also know that with strong secure relationships comes confidence and the ability to learn and thrive. The relationship with these main carers is based on trust, respect and working in partnership with you and your child.


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