At Oma Rāpeti ELC we believe high quality nutrition is important for health, well-being, growth and development.

Our fruit and vegetables are organically grown and freshly delivered each week, or harvested from our large organic edible garden.

We use full cream organic milk, un-salted organic butter, and free range organic eggs.

We cook from scratch using real ingredients like garlic, onion, fresh herbs, dried herbs and spices, organic vegetable bouillon, olive oil, and rice-bran oil.

Our drinking water is filtered.

We use organic flour and rice and other organic dried goods in our regular home baking of low sugar treats.

We cater for vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, and egg free options.

We make vegetable smoothies with our high powered blender.

We slow roast organic vegetable pieces for the infants and also make puree from this.

Meals are served with fresh vegetables like carrot sticks and cucumber, or steamed broccoli trees.

Muesli and porridge are available for any children needing breakfast. Children bring their own lunch boxes on a Friday.

We encourage parents and children to make healthy choices.

We encourage building independence in eating.

Children learn to serve themselves, have patience, pass and share and enjoy this important social time together.

We serve a variety of meals from mixed cultures like...

  • Spiral pasta with tomato passata sauce, steamed veggies & cheese
  • Fried rice with vegetables, egg & soy sauce
  • Wraps with salad, hummus, and cheese
  • Sushi with rice, carrot, cucumber and tamari sauce
  • Pad Thai noodles with veges
  • Mild chick-pea curry with coconut milk
  • Fresh rolls with salad, cheese, mashed egg and mayo
  • Refried bean and cheese toasted quesadillas
  • Pizza with tomato paste and cheese

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