Our recent menu review

We recently had our menu reviewed and assessed by registered paediatric, family dietitian and nutritionist Rachael Wilson, from The Food Tree

Rachael had this to say:

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Oma Rapeti. The children enjoy a truly excellent menu, each day they are offered fresh organic whole foods, with plenty of variety from all the food groups to choose from. The teaching team demonstrate many aspects of exemplary practice when it comes to supporting children to have a good relationship with food. Such as growing their own vegetables and herbs, which the children then help harvest and prepare for meal times." 

- Rachael Wilson registered paediatric dietitian and family nutritionist from The Food tree.

Sample - Winter 2018 Menu

Morning TeaLunchAfternoon Tea
Quinoa Porridge and fresh fruitCarrot, lentil and kumara stew. Side of fresh vegetablesCheese scones and a vegetable smoothie
Fresh homemade BreadChinese fried rice, with egg and a side of cucumber or carrot sticksKale or potato chips, homemade sauce and a vegetable smoothie
Fresh homemade yoghurt, homemade muesli and fruit saladMexican Bean StewGluten free handmade crackers, handmade hummus and toasted seeds
Homemade apple cake (no refined sugars)Pizza with grated beetroot, carrot and spinach. Fresh homemade yoghurt, homemade muesli and fruit salad

Some more details

At Oma Rāpeti ELC we believe high quality nutrition is important for health, well-being, growth and development.

As much as possible our fruit and vegetables are organically grown and freshly delivered each week.

The children love to get involved in our organic vegetable garden, selecting and growing their own plants. 

We enjoy a vegetarian diet.

We cook from scratch using real ingredients like garlic, onion, fresh herbs, dried herbs and spices, organic vegetable bouillon, olive oil, and rice-bran oil.

Our drinking water is filtered.

We use organic flour and rice and other organic dried goods in our regular home baking of low sugar treats.

We cater for vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, and egg free options.

We make vegetable smoothies packed full of nutrition.

Sugar policy: we have a no sugar policy in place here at Oma Rapeti. Children enjoy home baking with natural sugars used as much as possible, such as honey. 

We ask that parents do not bring in cakes on birthdays, in line with our policy. Our birthdays are celebrated with beautiful birthday trays that the children pick and decorate themselves. Parents are always welcome to join our celebrations.

No preservatives - we make all our food from scratch, meaning there are zero preservatives.

Meals are served with fresh vegetables like carrot sticks and cucumber, or steamed broccoli trees.

Muesli and porridge is available for any children needing breakfast. Children bring their own lunch boxes on a Friday, we encourage parents and children to make healthy choices. Please let us know if you need any lunch box ideas. Please avoid sending in packaged food as much as possible, or sweet treats such as chocolate and lollies. 

We encourage building independence in eating.

Children learn to serve themselves, have patience, pass and share and enjoy this important social time together.

We serve a variety of meals from mixed cultures like...

  • Spiral pasta with tomato passata sauce, steamed veggies & cheese
  • Fried rice with vegetables, egg & soy sauce
  • Wraps with salad, hummus, and cheese
  • Sushi with rice, carrot, cucumber and tamari sauce
  • Pad Thai noodles with veges
  • Mild chick-pea curry with coconut milk
  • Fresh rolls with salad, cheese, mashed egg and mayo
  • Refried bean and cheese toasted quesadillas
  • Pizza with tomato paste and cheese

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