Nurturing Childcare

We believe relationships are at the heart of everything.

Nourishing Childcare

We believe in nourishing body and spirit.

Natural Childcare

We believe that nature provides the optimal play experience.

Childcare Auckland

Oma Rāpeti Early Learning Centre

Welcome to Oma Rāpeti, a home-style childcare centre in the middle of Auckland City. 

We are a small, privately run early childhood education centre with 50 children in our care: 10 under two's in The Burrow, and 40 over two's in The Meadow. 

We have a team of highly qualified Kaiako (teachers) who are passionate about their role in your child's future, and committed to providing a premium level of care. 

Our centre is inspired by the work of Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber or RIE ®️ as you may know it. Our child-led, play-based space is centred around respect for your child as a whole. We closely follow the 5 strands of Te Whāriki in our curriculum, weaving them throughout the day. They will also feature in regular learning stories you receive about your child. 

Want to know more about our approach to early learning? Read about our philosophy here

“It’s not about technique but who we are with ourselves”

- Dr. Emmi Pikler

Up To 2 Years

2-6 Year Olds

Our Values

Nurturing – We believe relationships are at the heart of everything.

Nourishing – We believe in nourishing body and spirit.

Natural – We believe that nature provides the optimal play experience.

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Compostable Nappies

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"...The rhythms, rituals and songs that you shared and the peaceful place of love and friendship."

"...homely, preservative-free and sugar-free cooking was a big reason we came to Oma Rāpeti and it did not disappoint."

"...The staff are passionate about what they do and the philosophy is wonderful. I am so grateful to have found this place"

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"Having respect for the world is when you allow people to be what they are."

- Magda Gerber

Dr Emmi Pikler - 1902-1984
Dr Emmi Pikler


"The relationship is all - it is a matter of life to the baby"

- Dr. Emmi Pikler

The Pikler approach is based on a respectful relationship between an adult and child, through tender care moments, a naturally paced motor development, free movement and uninterrupted play.

Oma Rāpeti

Location: 1 Pratt Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland. We are a six minute drive from Auckland City.  

Phone: 09-376 7282

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7.30am-5.30pm Monday - Friday


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