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Our Story

We are a home-style childcare centre based in both Freemans Bay and Kumeū, Auckland.

We have a team of highly qualified teachers who are passionate about their role in your child's future, and who are committed to providing a premium level of care.

Our centres are based around building relationships and having respect for children and their whānau. We view children as highly capable learners and communicators. We understand that children develop holistically, and we value the individual interests and needs that they bring into our centres each day. 

Our Values

Nurture — Relationships are at the heart of everything we do.
Nourish — Taking care of mind, body, and spirit.
Natural — Nature provides the optimal play experience.

Community Love

'We have been so privileged to be part of the whānau, and we can so clearly see the deep impact that your ethos of respect, love, and kindness has had on both of the girls'

– K Sealy

Biting in Early Childhood

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Supporting Children’s Brain Development

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What do I do with all of this art?

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Kōrerotia te reo!

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Why an Open Day works for our infants

Since 2019 we have been moving towards an Open Day format for our Burrow (under 2) space. There are often questions around why we do this as opposed to an individual tour through the space, so weRead more

Finding Treasure - Outdoors, Together.

Summer is knocking on our door, and with that comes Christmas time. As parents, we’re likely to be spending considerably more time outdoors over the next few months, and many of us will have giftRead more

Risk taking through play for young children

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Is a Centre or Homebased Childcare Right For My Child?

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Embrace the mess | The science behind messy play

Messy play. Korihori pōrehe. Two simple words that have the incredible capacity to make both parents and educators either recoil in horror, or jump for joy.  Why do we intentionally let ourRead more

The Magic Of Rituals | Connection through the everyday.

From mindfulness to bubble baths, Christmas to birthdays, bedtime to bathtime, many of us use rituals in our lives. Even as adults, we’re often using rituals without even realising. Rituals createRead more

Starting School

Written by Claire, one of our wonderful team members who has completed her Masters in Education (ECE) through Auckland University. Transitioning to school is one of the topics Claire is passionateRead more

Upcycling | Turning loose parts into exciting new resources

Our guide for parents on how to turn everyday objects around the home into educational ECE resources.Read more

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