As a teacher, one of the most common things I get asked about is something along the lines of “how come my child isn’t toilet trained yet?” To start with, at Oma Rāpeti we use the term "toilet learning" as opposed to "toilet training". This respectful term reflects th...
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A commonly considered question when sitting at your family dinner table has always been: "how do I get my children to eat the right foods?". This question has plagued parents worldwide, and concerns about eating habits and nutrition are rife in online forums and parental sup...
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It can be daunting, and somewhat scary, trying to find a lovely early childhood centre for your child. This can be especially so in a city like Auckland – there are simply so many ECE options to choose from and a lot of them are truly lovely! They may be close to your home...
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What does it really mean, and why is philosophy important?

When it comes time to choose an ECE service, we believe it’s vitally important to understand the philosophy of the centre - so important that we think it should be one of the very first things you look at!It can be something many parents overlook, but the number of ECE cen...
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The Best Childrens Books

August 17, 2019
Here at Oma Rāpeti we adore reading. There is so much imagination and escape to be found within the pages of books. By reading to your children you are helping them learn and giving them the future gift of being a book worm. We pulled together some of our absolute favourite...
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How to make paper

August 15, 2019
Paper making is a fun and satisfying activity that we often do in our Meadow space with our children over two years. It makes a perfectly sustainable, environmentally friendly sensory play option. ...
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Mexican Pinto Beans

August 1, 2019
It is sometimes hard to find recipes for delicious and healthy meals for toddlers and children. One of the meals here on our rotating menu that our children love is Mexican Pinto Beans. We serve it on millet with carrot sticks and grated cheese on the side. The beans themsel...
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Setting boundaries for children gives them the knowledge and security of your expectations within their day. This means they (for the most part) can predict what is coming next. Children often thrive within predictable, solid boundaries. You may find it difficult at first, b...
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Compostable Nappies

May 16, 2019
Oma Rāpeti has always been an eco-conscious centre. We decided approximately three years ago to make the move to cloth nappies. With the environment forefront of mind, we couldn’t bring ourselves to put any more disposables in landfill. Roll on three years and our cloth n...
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A Culture of Kindness

April 1, 2019
Following the tragedy of Christchurch Mosque Shootings (15/03/2019), as a team we reminded ourselves what we were doing here at Oma Rāpeti for our youngest members of society, who are in their most formative years of learning. We can't change the tragedy of Christchurch, bu...
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