Oma Rāpeti Freemans Bay — Fee Schedule

 Oma Rāpeti Fee Schedule

Up to 7 hours

Over 7 hours

 Burrow (under 2 years old)

$105 per day 

$117 per day

 Meadow (two years old)

$92 per day 

$105 per day 

 Meadow (three years old and over), after ECE funding

$54 per day 

$70 per day 

Notes: Compostable Nappies and Food all included (excluding "lunchbox Friday" in the Meadow, where the children enjoy bringing a lunch box from home)Once a child reaches three, your child becomes eligible for 20 hours ECE funding, should you choose to opt in.  

Oma Rāpeti Freemans Bay: Terms and Conditions

  • By enrolling my child I agree to abide by the Centre policies and procedures. I realise they are available to read in our whānau folder.
  • Our legal opening time is 7:30am and closing 5:30pm.
  • Our minimum booking is 3 days with either a 7 hour day or an over 7 hour day. 
  • Nappies and food are provided in your childs fee, excluding a lunch box for our Meadow children on a Friday.
  • There is a 10% discount for siblings up to three years old. This is applied to the younger sibling or greater fee (if different). 
  • Booked days cannot be swapped for other days. Absence of any form is still a full charge.
  • Casual or extended days, if available, can be booked in advance. Requests by email please –
  • If a casual day is booked and then cancelled within 24hrs of the booking commencing there will be a charge of $15.
  • At least two weeks written (email acceptable) notice is required if requesting a change of times or days, unless it is an increase that can be catered for. A change of time form must be signed before or on the day the increase takes effect.
  • Parents are to notify the centre if their child will be absent for any reason (by phone, email or text on the day) and understand that if their child has not attended for more than 3 weeks with no official reason their place may be forfeited.
  • There will be a penalty if funding is reversed due to consistent lateness or continued absence. Ministry of Education funding ceases after 3 weeks continuous absence. Doctors certificates and/or written attestations may be required for Ministry audits. Unexplained absence could result in loss of place for that child.
  • Oma Rāpeti is open during the whole year, excluding statutory holidays. Any other closure will have at least 20 working days of notice. 
  • Holidays, sicknesses, statutory days and absences for any reason are a full charge, unless over 1 week and using your holiday discount of 25%. This enrolment agreement is inclusive of school term breaks.
  • Each child may take up to 3 weeks of holiday with a fee discount of 25% off their regular invoiced amount. Note; one week is considered to be the number of days they would attend in their permanent booking. Please note you must notify the centre of this in writing, two weeks in advance. Please email
  • Families away or on holiday for over three weeks and up to six weeks will incur increased charges due to complete loss of ministry funding. This will be the full fee (i.e. before 20 Hours of subsidised ECE) + 50%.
  • Families on extended travel for between 7 weeks and 3 months may choose to pay a holding fee of 50% of their child's fees (full fees before 20hrs ECE) to secure their place on return. Parents may choose instead to cease care and go back on the waiting list to re-enroll on their return (this option will not necessarily ensure the days and hours requested or be a place available straight away).
  • Payments are required two weeks in advance. Overdue payments will incur a weekly 5% penalty on overdue amounts. Overdue amounts may result in suspension of care.
  • Any early sign-ins or late sign-outs outside of booked hours will be charged with a late fee of $1 per minute after 5 minutes. After licenced hours of 5.30pm a $15 fee is charged for every 15minutes or part thereof .E.G. between 5:31pm and 5:45pm = $15. Between 5:46pm and 6:00pm = $30.
  • Extended patterns of absence or lateness will require a change to booked times.
  • A child's place may be forfeited if the fees are not kept up to date.
  • Over 3's 20 hour funding has a maximum of 6 hours per day and 20 hours per week.
  • A commitment bond of $250 is required to secure a place. This will be credited back into the child's Oma Rapeti account after 6 months of attendance. This bond is non-refundable if the account is not up to date or the child leaves before 6 months.
  • For the Meadow a transition fee of $210 will be charged for all new children to cover our costs over these visits (usually 6 visits over 2 weeks). Within the Burrow a transition fee of $375 covers 9 visits over a 2-3 week period. 
  • Three weeks written notice is required when leaving Oma Rapeti ELC. The Ministry funding ceases from the last date a child attends, therefore early departure will result in extra charges to cover the loss (includes full weekly fees and lost Ministry fees). Your booked days and hours must remain the same 5 weeks prior to the finishing date. Funding claims cannot overlap, so end and start dates need to align if any child is attending a new centre. The three weeks' notice also includes any child leaving for school. 
  • Any child is entitled to attend and is funded up to six years old.
  • Any recovery/debt collection costs incurred from outstanding fees for your child will be on charged to you.
  • By enrolling at Oma Rāpeti you are giving the Ministry of Education permission to make enquiries regarding the information provided in the Enrolment Agreement Form, if deemed necessary and to the extent necessary to make decisions about your child's eligibility for 20 Hours ECE. 
  • When receiving a WINZ subsidy you are responsible to pay all fees until the subsidy is approved. You are responsible for all fees not covered by the subsidy. You are responsible for ensuring WINZ are kept informed of any changes that may affect your subsidy. You will pay fees recovered by WINZ if the subsidy reduces or stops.

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