Oma Rāpeti Kumeū Rooms — Ko o matou ruma

The Nest — Te Kohunga

Our Nest room is a soothing, slow-paced environment set up to foster the curious mind of our youngest tamariki.  Our room offers a beautiful, calming home away from home with a routine that is based on the individual needs of the child and input from whānau.

Our room provides ample opportunities for the tamariki to develop responsive and reciprocal relationships, build trust and learn foundation skills that will support a lifelong love of learning

​The Burrow — Te Rua

Welcome to our Burrow room. This room caters to our inquisitive 12 -24-month children and offers a wide range of learning experiences nurturing the growth of the whole child.  During your child’s time in the Burrow space, they will learn key skills in independence and the building blocks of social emotional development which will be a great tool to carry with them as they prepare to venture into the Toddler space.

​The Hutch — Te Whare Herehere

Our Hutch room provides our tamariki with the time and space to learn, grow and thrive at their own pace.  Our Toddlers are set up with thought provoking activities throughout the day that challenge their thinking and help develop key problem-solving skills to empower them in their learning journey.  Our routines are designed to support the individual needs of our tamariki.  Kaiako work in partnership with whānau to ensure children experience familiar routines that support them in becoming competent and capable learners.

The Rabbit Hole — Te Poka Rapeti

Our Rabbit Hole room provides our tamariki with a nurturing environment that promotes resilience through a wide range of learning experiences driven by our passionate team of educators. Our intensive learning programme aims to prepare our Toddlers for the Preschool environment by fostering independence and empowering our tamariki to make decisions in regards to their own learning and interests.  Our vision is that by the time they move to our Preschool rooms they have understanding of social skills and tools to support conflict management.

The Willow Tree — Te Rakau Wirou

Welcome to The Willow Tree Classroom during your child’s time with us they will gain a wealth of knowledge and skills by exploring our defined areas which allow children to experiment with a wide range of materials catering to the specific learning needs and interests of our tamariki.  During their time in The Willow Tree classroom your child will be scaffolded to develop respect for themselves, others and the environment.

The Meadow —Te Wiwi

Our Meadow room aims to drive a rich before school programme which fosters our tamariki’s critical thinking as they develop working theories through project work and inquiry.  Our preschool environment aspires to set our children up for success as they prepare for their new adventure within the primary school sector, whilst providing a nurturing calm environment that provokes our tamariki’s imagination.


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