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It's a typical Thursday, and you've come to collect your child from their centre. They greet you happily from the kai table where they're finishing off their afternoon tea, and you head inside to sign them out and get their bag. When you get to their bag, it's once agai...
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Kōrerotia te reo!

August 26, 2021
Is it a surprise to you if I told you that New Zealand has two official languages and neither of them are English? English is presumed to be an official language by most people, however the official languages are te reo Māori and NZ Sign Language. English is a de facto offi...
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As a teacher, one of the most common things I get asked about is something along the lines of “how come my child isn’t toilet trained yet?” To start with, at Oma Rāpeti we use the term "toilet learning" as opposed to "toilet training". This respectful term reflects th...
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Compostable Nappies

May 16, 2019
Oma Rāpeti has always been an eco-conscious centre. We decided approximately three years ago to make the move to cloth nappies. With the environment forefront of mind, we couldn’t bring ourselves to put any more disposables in landfill. Roll on three years and our cloth n...
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