"Hi Tineke and everyone,

We had to come say goodbye before we left for holidays and house moving but I didn't realise it would be such an emotional goodbye and feeling of loss. We would just like to thank you again for providing Poppy with such an amazing environment to come to each day; one which she loved and was excited to embrace without fear. You gave her the courage and confidence to challenge herself and learn safely and enjoyably. We chose your centre for its ethics and morals and what it provides for the children but it would be just that if it wasn't for each and every one of your staff whom we have grown to greatly respect, love and learn from. When we leave Poppy in your care we know she is being nurtured and is safe and that is all a parent can ask for. Thankyou for everything. I can only pray we find a daycare (second home) half as amazing as Oma Rapeti. We look forward to seeing you back in Auckland in 18 months along with our addition to the family.

Thank you Tineke and everyone. We wish you all the best."

- Karen, Sean, Poppy and Bubba to be

"Our child Lydia flourished at Oma Rapeti. Lydia was at Oma Rapeti from the day it started. She was cared for extremely well. She has formed lasting friendships with some of the other children. During her time at Oma Rapeti she was gently nurtured and encouraged by the very wonderful staff .

Our lasting memories are that the centre focused on music, art, teaching children practically about food and growing food, caring for animals and learning about other cultures. Lydia was taken to the zoo and to art shows, she went to the museum and was encouraged to explore areas of interest to her - dance, music and her love of animals. Her world and her view of the world was widened.

The physical aspect of the centre was extremely appeaing also being in a quiet street surrounded by a park yet close to the city and with a large outside area where children can get dirty and garden and play. Basically do all those wonderful things that are so important.

We felt very lucky that she was in this centre. We felt that she was being loved and cared for and stimulated in the right kinds of ways. It felt very unique and not like any other centre we had seen or experienced.

I think this is partly created by the centre philosophies and also the family involvment - the owners being Mother, daughter, husband, and there are grandchildren and cousins. We felt part of that circle too and it was a very gentle, warm, and kind environment.

It was not stressful for her or for us and each day was another day that she learnt something new and interesting.
The best environment for her and for us whilst we had to work."

- Tessa Smith

"Our 3-year-old son has been at Oma Rapeti since it opened, and before that he attended a daycare on the same site. Since Tineke and Yolanda took over in October 2011, we have seen a complete turnaround at the centre, and we couldn't be happier with his care. The outdoor area is spacious and sunny, and the staff are kind, relaxed and caring. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Oma Rapeti to other parents."

- Bianca Zander, Freemans Bay

We are so grateful to have found a daycare that our daughter enjoys so whole-heartedly! She asks to go to Oma Rapeti even on days when she's just at home. I love the way they look after the kids, fostering their independence (especially at meal times, and that's really shown through at home) and the love they have for all the kids. They've also been really supportive with her potty training. Would definitely recommend Oma Rapeti to anyone looking for a caring, family oriented daycare."

- Clare Fisher


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